2017 Top 10 NYC Food Trucks – Serving Tasty Mobile Treats

Growing up in New York City in the 1970s, the only food trucks I ever knew were Good Humor and Mister Softee.  Both of which I highly recommend to this day.

There were always steamy food carts that sold the old standards—hot dogs, pretzels, and chestnuts.  Even back in the day, they peddled falafel.

A Truck for Every Taste

Today, as we know, there is a different approach to meals on wheels—the culinary food truck.  Provisions abound in parking spots across the city for every diet and appetite.  For those of you who like to travel, you can eat your way around the world in just a few short blocks.

Interestingly, the people manning the wheel/meal range from home cooks who took their passion on the road to formally trained chefs who left professional kitchens for tar-paved pastures.

While some say the food truck bubble has burst, long lines at lunchtime throughout the city suggest people still love their tasty mobile options.

Top 10 Trucks 

Everyone has a favorite truck, but according to nyc.com these trucks rev up and dish out the best.

#1  Schnitzel & Things

These schnitzel servers offer varieties available as sandwiches or platters.  Sides like Austrian potato salad and roasted beets cost extra.

Financial District, between Broad St. and Pearl St.

#2  Milk Truck

Perfect for breakfast or lunch, Milk Truck serves up grilled cheese, soups, salads and their infamous macaroni & cheese.

Midtown, 46th St. & Sixth Avenue

#3  Eddie’s Pizza

This is no pizza from your average parlor.  Eddie slices delicate thin-crusted pies topped with the richest, yummy-for-your-tummy ricotta.

West Village, Houston St.

#4  Urban Lobster Shack

As if the shore pulled up in a truck, Urban Lobster Shack offers good quality lobster meat—all tail, claw, and knuckle.

Upper West Side, 75th St. & Amsterdam Ave.

#5  Luke’s Lobster Nauti Shack

Luke’s recently expanded from a storefront to truck stops throughout the city.  Every Nauti truck offers the restaurant’s Maine-style lobster rolls.

Financial District, Trinity Place

#6  Taim Mobile

Gluten-free falafel fried in 0% trans-fat vegetable oil makes Taim a health-conscious choice.  Prepared fresh daily, Taim offers cuisine layered with Middle Easter flavors.

Midtown, 45th St. & Sixth Ave.

#7  Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Ever try artisanal ice cream with wasabi pea dust or olive oil and salt? This could be your culinary chance.  Sounds strange, but everyone says it tastes delicious.

Various locations throughout the City

#8  Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck

If ever there was a heathy spin on ice cream, this is it.  Leeuwen scoops homemade ice cream made with hormone-free milk and serves it on organic cones.

Upper East Side, 86th St. & Lexington Ave.

#9  Go Burger Truck

This burger is a true winner.  Every bite tickles the taste buds with toppings like blue cheese, balsamic caramelized onions, and double-smoked bacon.

Midtown, 45th Street & Fifth Ave.

#10  Souvlaki GR Truck

Winner of the 2015 Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year, Souvlaki GR heralds itself as the only authentic Greek on the street.

Midtown, 55th St. & 6th Avenue


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