It’s All Systems Go—Totally R.A.D.

In finance departments, the world seems to spin faster these days.  Rest assured, it’s the same number of rotations—just more needs to be processed, analyzed and reported in a single day.

So, as the sun rises in the east, accountants—you super qualified men and women who are naturally nimble with numbers—suit up and brace for impact.

If you’re the “skipper” of substantial corporate holdings, you see how each day can end with the proverbial black hole where things go in but don’t come out as they should.  How rogue redundancies mean hours of re-running reports and running, yourself ragged. How fraud and compliance issues hang over your head like a dark cloud.

You wonder, “Can I steer the ship when just thinking about audits causes agita and angst?”

In your heart, you know that even if every planet aligned perfectly, every financial close would feel the same—like the Big Bang.  Streams of Excel spreadsheets and unreconciled business crashing all about.   And, while things are spinning off their axis, you put up with Excel’s cumbersome and confusing practices and reluctantly accept it.  You have to work with what you have, right?

The problem is, it’s never “all systems go.”  And, some days seem like there’s no system at all.

Suppose your universe could change.  That something out there could empower you to:

  • Meet deadlines without swearing or sweating.
  • Say good-bye to the end-of-month madness by matching transactions and singling out exceptions in mere minutes, in real time. Bank statements and general ledgers or point-of-sale systems and inventory systems are reconciled instantly.
  • Check compliance, detect scams and schemers and pinpoint unusual balance fluctuations all at once, all the time.
  • Crank out comprehensive reports highlighting trends and patterns seamlessly.
  • Simplify, streamline and speed up the audit process with complete accuracy.
  • Get the big picture—every angle, every exposure–of how your company functions financially.

You might think you fell into the future.

But, this is the present—the here and now—and why BLACKLINE, software in a cloud, is driving accounting departments everywhere to become totally R.A.D. (Robotic Accounting Departments).

With R.A.D, you’ll finally leave the menial behind and move on to creative work where you can innovate and enact concepts and long-term strategies for lasting growth.  Where your company role is trusted financial advisor, not chief troubleshooter.

Find out how BLACKLINE’s fully automated, round-the-clock, process-centric software can help you and your business take off!


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