Wasting the Days of Our Lives


Does the monthly close seem like a never-ending soap opera, filled with drama and a whole stack of unanswered questions?  Does transaction matching make you feel shackled to spreadsheets?

If you answered “yes” to the above, you are not alone (there are millions just like you) and there is help.

You’ll find the answers to your accounting prayers in this exceptional e-book, Wasting the Days of Our Lives. As every page explains, there’s an efficient, automated method for fixing your monthly madness with Blackline software.

No manual labor, just a simple yet highly sophisticated system to solve your accounting woes. Read the book and discover how everyone in your office can be on the same page, without all the paper.

The monthly close—that “last mile of finance”—will no longer be a sprint to the finish line. With this automated system, you’ll match hundreds, even millions, of transactions in minutes.  No more slumping over spreadsheets, ticking and tying your days away.

Just think what life could be minus all the hours you spend manually entering data, double-checking that data, emailing, saving and filing spreadsheets. This rote work makes it virtually impossible to do the “real” work—providing strategy, insight, and analysis. All the stuff you want to do.

Really, how can you meet the accelerated need for accurate, quality reporting when you spend 10 to 15 days of every month in financial close mode?  Doesn’t aggregating hundreds of files and the disjointed workflow make closing an uphill battle? Wouldn’t it be nice not to take all that work home at night?  Think about it.

Hard to believe, but the final reporting process, especially for businesses with high-volume reconciliations, can run quickly and competently without chaos and confusion.

In this quick-to-read e-book, you’ll learn how Blackline software:

  • Matches anything from two or a multitude of data sources.
  • Supports and is compatible with virtually all ERP and other financial systems.
  • Quickly identifies exceptions so you can solve problems faster.
  • Provides real-time data daily.
  • Reduces the potential for human error and Excel mistakes.
  • Simplifies employee benefits management by streamlining “one to many and many to one” matches.
  • Reconciles intercompany transactions, pulling data from multiple divisions, changing inventory and global supply chains.
  • Manages and carries forward open items.
  • Makes life tons easier for a host of industries—credit cards, property management, subscription services, manufacturing, sales and more.

Read this e-book, and you’ll want to send Excel, with all its limitations, on its way.  You’ll forgive and do your best to forget its complex formulas and hidden cells that seem to pop out from nowhere.  Most of all, you’ll realize there’s no need to be “wasting the days of our lives!”


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